Journey for Eden

When it comes to friendship, be loyal, be truthful.





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I nearly died from headcannon it’s perfect

No you don’t understand
"We’re gonna buy you the nicest dick in Manhattan." sounds like a sentence Tony must have definitely said

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This is fatherhood Erik Lehnsherr do you copy

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Most of these actors are too old, some of the edits are still messy but I’m tired of staring at them on photoshop, and we’re never going to agree on houses for everyone BUT I think I should get a solid B for effort. (list of actors can be found here)

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these twitter accounts give me strength. (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

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stop taking bucky’s metal arm away

stop taking charles’ wheelchair away

stop taking clint’s hearing aids away

disabled superheroes are important stop sucking please

I read this wrong and I was just picturing them all confused as to who keeps taking their stuff.

"Steve have you seen my arm anywhere?"

"Nope, sorry Bucky.  By the way, have you seen Clint’s hearing aids?  He hasn’t been able to hear a damn thing all day"

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I love that at first she thinks it’s misogynistic, and isn’t afraid to call him on it, but then we see him do what we almost never see a male superhero do : He admits he’s scared. 

He’s not trying to belittle her, he’s not trying to tell her or even the kids that they’re not strong, 

He’s trying to protect what he loves most because he’s terrified of losing them. The big, giant robot ripping apart BUILDINGS doesn’t scare him at all compared to losing what he loves.

I love this movie for so many reasons, but this scene is one of the bigger ones. A hero movie where the males are allowed to be emotional without appearing weak? A hero movie where females are allowed to be strong without being callous or woefully 2D? A hero movie where children are allowed to explore their potential instead of being shitty sidekicks?


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Benedict Cumberbatch’s name

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Yesterday’s gathering and my awkward hand pose

Yesterday’s gathering and my awkward hand pose


selfless characters loving selfish characters

selfish characters loving selfless characters

me crying in the background

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